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Artistic Bio

Folk & Early music

Pieterjan Van Kerckhoven (°1988) is a multi-instrumentalist from Belgium. With instruments as the Breugelpipes (after 16the century flemish bagpipes), the baroque musette, saxophone, harmonium.. he has  a fascination for colorful, sometimes maybe notorious instruments.


He shares the international folk- and classical stage with his fellows from his band WÖR ( and EmBRUN, his baroque ensemble the Bourdon Collectief or as a freelance musician with ensembles as Les Menus Plaisir du Roy, Les Agrémens, Les Ambassadeurs...


Nowadays he is guest teacher at LUCA School of Arts, Campus Leuven where he’s teaching bagipes, musette and the course Folk Music Atelier to students in their masters. It’s is at LUCA School of arts where he got a master degree in baroque musette, chamber music and postmaster in musette.


With open eyes, he’s looking to traditional repertoire from this region and brings traditional and early music lively on stage and teaches instruments and ensemble in differents academies in Belgium to keep the fire going.

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