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Ensembles & Projects

Pieterjan is founding member of WÖR and Bourdon Collectief, can be seen also with the band EmBRUN, in a duo with Jean-Pierre Van Hees or as freelance musician in various productions. Here a brief presentation of his Ensembles and Projects

Banging original tunes from the 18th century


WÖR, Folk, Musette, Bagpipes, Folkband, concergebouw Brugge

presented by Pieterjan Van Kerckhoven (bagpipes, musette and saxophone), Bert Ruymbeek (Accordion), Jonas Scheys (guitars), Fabio Di Meo (baritone saxophone) and Jeroen Goegebuer (fiddles and mandoline).  


WÖR (pronounced ‘were’) is a band of five musicians whose curiosity, passion and talent has led to a niche goldmine of melodies in stunning contemporary arrangements. With their finely textured arrangements WÖR injects new energy into 18th-century melodies from the Flanders region of Belgium. Their music shines an inventive spotlight, with a modern twist, on the melodies in these manuscripts.


"In spite of the so-called ancient music, the madness, sensuality and energy of WÖR's arrangements are 100% contemporary music. Everything is played with the heart and the desire to share and give happiness to the audience." - 5 planetes

French Baroque music with a twist

Bourdon Collectief 

presented by Bart Van Troyen and Pieterjan Van Kerckhoven.


"Drone Collective" because it is the drone, together with the continuous sound of the melody that defines our concerts. Not well known, but central to this setting are the two musettes, also known as musette baroque or musette de cour as it was a very popular instrument in 17th and 18th century France. Many composers wrote for this instrument and it is our mission to present their music in an authentic instrumentation.

Bourdon Collectief, Musette Baroque, Baroque musette, musette players

Steamy Balfolk, 20 years! 



A festival tent filled to the brim with enthusiastically dancing people, while on stage an equally passionated folk-band, wet with sweat, fully committed. That’s what characterizes a performance by EmBRUN.

There is so much energy among this wonderful band, that the audience is near to explode.

The music of EmBRUN is tradition based but spiced with contemporary often progressive sounds and rhythms.

Pieterjan is part of this real live band since 2010. EmBRUN recorded their 3th album with a live audience in April 2013. 
This live album is a fine example of an EmBRUN performance:
steamy, swinging, sometimes intimate; a smooth-running five-cylinder engine with plenty of horsepower, rhythmically tight and musically surprising.


Since 2002 EmBRUN has been continuously present on the Belgian folk scene and showed its skills on many European stages:
Gooikoorts (BE), Saint-Chartier (FR), Festival Het Lindeboom (FR), Bal der Bals (BE), Ététrad (IT), Dranouter (BE), Folkwoods (NL), Deerlycke Folkfestival (BE), Tanzhausfest (DE), Andanças (PT), Boombalfestival (BE), Entrudanças (PT), Castlefest (NL), Texel (NL), ...

Closer look to other projects and ensembles coming soon

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